Alpha Dog Training Center


“Hi! My name is Ollie and I was born at Alpha Dog. I spent my first 2 months there with my parents and brothers and sisters. Elizabeth took really good care of us! One day my human mom saw me in the office and it was “love at first sight “!!

Probably because I am just so DARN CUTE!! She was very new at the whole dog raising thing, so she had to rely on Elizabeth A LOT for training tips and all sorts of advice. At first we came to classes every Saturday at Alpha Dog and worked on simple commands and walking together. I think it made mom feel better.

Elizabeth even came to see my new home and neighborhood to give mom more pointers. It must have worked because I think I am very well behaved now! My mom also takes me to Alpha’s doggie daycare sometimes and that is about my favorite thing in the world! I get to run and play all day with the other small dogs and come home worn out. I got to stay overnight for a couple weekends at Alpha Dog and they were super nice to me–even playing fetch with me!

So, if you’re a dog and live in this area, I hope your mom or dad will let you come visit Alpha Dog too. Trust me, you’ll have a BLAST!!!!”

Ollie (and Mom!)

“I highly recommend Alpha Dog.  We bought our puppies there and their help in our transition to owning dogs was very helpful.  Elizabeth always answered questions that I had as a new dog owner.  We continue to board our puppies there whether for the day or for a week.  Knowing that they are cared for while we travel makes it easier to travel.  Our pups, Sandy and Radar, actually can’t wait to go when they see they are at Alpha Dog.  They lead us quickly down the path to the door.  The care they receive is obviously very positive by their behavior.  I know that Elizabeth and her team love our puppies as much as we do.  Alpha Dog is a high quality facility that I highly recommend.”

– Kathy Oakley, Sandy and Radar

Alpha Dog has become a second home to my pups and I highly recommend them to ANYONE. We have two gorgeous American Akitas. Their breed needs high structure and training due to their large and powerful stature; as well as, their tendency to be independent, dominant, intelligent, and protective. Alpha Dog first assisted Peyton at 12 weeks. She was stubborn, defiant, and by no means easily motivated. After training, Peyton is still herself with a fierce and amusing attitude, yet she is so much more. I can trust her with my three cats, my nieces, and other animals. She is still a highly energized puppy but she is able to follow the commands that can save her and other’s life. After the success with our first Akita, we decided to get her a sister. Many people warned us about two females and their inevitable power struggle over the alpha role. The Alpha Dog team took this into consideration while training Etta at 8 weeks and ensured the two played at daycare together as frequently as possible. Etta’s training was among the newly modified version. She stayed in the house with the trainers to work on schedules, potty training, behaving overnight, car rides, trips, outings with lots of people, children, and more. Etta’s training went much faster; partly because of the changes and also because she LOVES treats and attention. I was pleased that she finished training in a month, but I was mostly impressed with Alpha Dog’s ability to pace training according to the dog’s needs, not their own desires. The two are almost inseparable now and have a wonderful relationship. They walk together on leashes so well, the sit and wait patiently at doorways, they take turns being released from commands, and they have no aggression towards each other, whatsoever. Without the help of Alpha Dog, my dogs would not be the same. I am always proud of my girls and their ability to conduct themselves appropriately. It makes our lives so much easier and allows others to enjoy their company. With all of the backlash I faced from friends and family for sending my dogs to training, I was most certainly weary and skeptical. But when I see my dog’s excitement to see the trainers match their excitement to see me, I undoubtedly know that they love my girls and my girls love them. I now take my dogs to daycare 5-6 days a week and I am still impressed. Whenever a new issue has come up, they are always available to guide me, to remind me of my vital role in their training, to come to my house and assist me, to meet with my friends/family to instruct them, and to continue training at the facility. I have never experienced the amazing customer service that they have delivered. My pups have flourished because of them and the healthy dose of nature, exercise, and socialization that they get every day at daycare.

– Jakin and Josh Colvin

We found Alpha Dog in April 2010.  Buffy has been coming to Alpha usually five times a week for daycare and overnight/weekly stays when needed.  She is totally at home here.

We adopted Buffy on 3/26/2010 when she was a year old and she was a HANDFUL.  We did not understand the Aussie temperament and we weren’t able to sufficiently exercise her.  We were thinking of returning her to the Springfield Humane Society when we found Alpha Dog.

After a couple of days playing and socializing with other dogs in daycare and a couple of training sessions, Buffy was happy and so were we.

Elizabeth and staff have been wonderful and we can’t sing their praises enough.  Buffy is excited every day she comes to Alpha Dog and excited to come home.  And we love it when she’s tired.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

– Kent and Janet Durst

“Our dog Jake loves his visits to Alpha Dog. He gets all the attention, exercise and socialization he craves. Elizabeth is super-friendly, knowledgeable and professional.  The facility is immaculate and we are always taken care of in a timely manner. To our family, Alpha Dog is the top choice in canine training, daycare and boarding.”

– Launa L. and Jake

“Our first experience with Alpha Dog was having our Jack Russell Terrier puppy in for training. Elizabeth trained Max to be a well behaved dog and he’s so happy and proud to learn new tricks. Max loves going to Alpha Dog! We feel comfortable and confident leaving our furry family member with Elizabeth for any period of time. Max comes home happy and exhausted from so much exercise and socialization with other pets. We know he’s well taken care of by staff who really care and in a clean safe environment.”

– Kim R. and Max

“Thank you for turning things around for Max and our home.  Your schooling has made Max into a dog that people can now enjoy being around and I can enjoy having in my home.  If someone said earlier that this dog could change, I would have called them crazy, but your schooling literally saved him from being euthanized.  You all did a fantastic job with him and I can’t tell you what that means to both of us!  THANK YOU!”

-Patty Jackson and Max